Thank you for your interest in Frontier Baptist Missions Inc. The original objective of our mission started in 1952 has been to reach the Hispanic world with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and then train them to reach the world. The focus has been expanded to include missionaries of other cultures and nationalities who focus on other regions as well. Although the Hispanic world continues to be our main focus, we recognize that the Great Commission consists of going into “all the world”.

We exist to serve and strengthen the local church. We serve the local church by helping prepare and guide their missionary in their ministry of raising support. Our ministry helps the missionary to plan his missionary card, his presentation, and manage his support legally and in order. The service is free of charge to the missionary.

We would like to clarify that as a mission agency, we do not have the authority to send missionaries to the field. Biblically speaking, that is the function of the local church. We consider ourselves servants to the local church, and we exist to serve and strengthen the ministries of the local church, especially in the area of missions.

Once approved, the missionaries affiliated with our agency need to make the effort to raise their own support through local churches. In order to be considered as a candidate for possible affiliation with Frontier Baptist Missions, we have outlined some basic requirements, which we present below:

  • Must be fully convinced of your call to missionary work.
  • Must agree with our doctrinal statement.
  • Must be an independent Baptist.
  • Must be sent by a local independent Baptist church.
  • Your pastor must be willing to write a recommendation letter directed to Frontier Baptist Missions.
  • Must have Bible college or Bible institute training.

If you or your pastor have questions before starting the application process, the staff at the Frontier Baptist Missions office can be contacted through our contact page.

If you meet the requirements and have no further questions, the next step would be to fill out the application.