Missionary Moment

Jesus Palomo was born in Monterrey, Mexico in July of 1987. Early in his adulthood Jesus worked as a financial auditor for one of the most important public accounting firms in North America and Mexico. The Lord confronted his heart through preaching of a local church and convicted him of his sinful condition. Bro. Palomo received Jesus as his personal Savior and became a child of God in November of 2009. That same church later became his sending church to the foreign field on the other side of the world.

Beginning Bible college, a year after he was saved, the Lord began to put in his heart the desire to serve Him full time. In his 3rd year of Bible college, he was co-pastoring a church that he started with an evangelist. At that time, through a devotional, God confirmed his call to leave his professional career to dedicate himself 100% to the pastorate. After much prayer, he confirmed that God was leading him to be a missionary in South Korea in April 2014.

After marrying to a beautiful lady, Alejandra, they started another church in Mexico. Shortly thereafter Jesus and Alejandra began deputation (raising support) and three years later they arrived on the mission field in 2019. They learned the language in a year and half and in 2021 Bro. Palomo began to pastor a church that had been without a pastor for six months. When its pastor returned, they left that church and continued to the city of Jeonju where God had called them in April 2014. They arrived in the city of Jeonju in April 2022 and in August of that same year they started Bethesda Baptist Church. As of today, they have two precious children and are now 8 months into their new church plant. God is blessing them with people being saved and baptized. The church services are in English and Korean, and they are very excited to continue ministering to these people who are so in need of the gospel of Jesus. If you or your church would like to contact, support or receive Bro Jesus Palomo’s prayer letter, please feel free to contact FBMI’s home office.

The Palomo’s latest prayer letter. PDF download.